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Inter Office Memo

Inter Office Memo


Date: 19February 2020                                                       Ref: SUB/IQAC/ADM-2002/1901


To: All QAC members, Deans and Chairmen


From: Director, IQAC



Subject: Update on information shared in a ‘Consultation Workshop’organized by BAC



Dear Sir/Madam:


I would like to inform you that Bangladesh Accreditation Council (BAC) invited me on behalf of IQAC of Stamford University Bangladesh to attend a ‘Consultation Workshop’ on the 11 February 2020 at BAC office to share very important information on the formation of BAC and how it is going to be effective in near future. The experts also shared the draft rules of (i) Accreditation Committee, (ii) BAC Certificate, and (iii) Appeal for any suggestion and feedback (by 20 February 2020) before it is being finalized by the Council. Directors of IQAC from a number of public and private universities also attended this workshop.


It appears to me that these information and new rules will be very important for the University and need to be shared with the university authority. I am requesting you to go through the documents and bring those with you to share your opinionin the next meeting. Tentative date of this meeting will be after Mid Term exam and you will be notified accordingly.


I appreciate your cooperation in the preparation of all programs as well as the University for successful accreditation in the near future.


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