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EPR checklist of (9 Criteria)

1.  Governance

  • Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives of the University, and program offering entity
  • Agenda and Minutes of the Departmental meeting
  • Disciplinary Rules for the Students and staff
  • Disciplinary Action taken against any student/staff, if any
  • Brochure of the program offering entity


2.  Curriculum Content Design and Review

  • Plan of Action for program offering entity
  • Changes in the Program and Course Contents
  • Approval Report for the Changes in the Program by Academic Council
  • Old curriculum and New curriculum
  • List of Committee Members to design the curriculum


3.  Student Admission, Progress and Achievements

  • Admission Policy and Admission Procedures
  • Admission Test Questions and Sample Admission Test Answer Script
  • Record of Admission Results
  • Student Progress and Academic Records


4.  Physical Facilities

  • List of classroom and laboratory Library Facilities
  • Pictorial images of other facilities, such as, medical, hostel, cafeteria, auditorium, playing field, gymnasium, etc.
  • List of ICT facilities and equipment


5.  Teaching – Learning and Assessment

  • A Sample of Course Outline Describing the Contents and Various Teaching Methods, and Approaches that are Followed in the Class
  • Sample Lecture Notes
  • Class/Assignment/Report Presentation of Student
  • Sample of Question(s)
  • Sample of student work within and outside of the classroom
  • Examination and Evaluation Policy


6.  Student Support Services

  • Student Orientation Program
  • Proof of student’s involvement in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • Calendar of events involving the Alumni Association
  • List of community services provided in the last 3 years


7.  Staff and Facilities

  • Guidelines for the Selection of Academic and Non-academic Staff
  • Sample of the resolution for the Selection of Academic and Non-academic Staff
  • Profile of the Faculty Members and course distribution for the teachers
  • List of Faculty members on study leave for higher studies
  • List of training programs offered by the university/program level entity


8.  Research and Extension

  • Faculty Research Agenda and Research Policy
  • Research facilities provided by the university and POE
  • Seminar or Workshop arranged by the University or POE to disseminate the research findings
  • Record of Students’ and Faculty Members’ involvement in community services


9.  Process Management & Continuous Improvement

  • Policies and procedures for quality assurance
  • Activities of IQAC
  • Medium-term and long-term strategic plan of program offering entity
  • Calendar of events to ensure quality assurance of the program offering entity


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